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Pacific Cascade Mustang Club welcomes all folks who share our enthusiasm and appreciation for Mustangs and Fords! Owning a Ford or Mustang is NOT required.

Interested in joining the Club? Fill out our membership application and bring it with you to our next meeting so you can get a ‘feel’ for the club and meet our members! We look forward to meeting you!

(Please attend one of our meetings or events BEFORE mailing your application so we can get to know each other first! Membership applications and dues that are mailed to our P.O. Box will be accepted AFTER membership requirements have been met and verified by our Membership Chairperson.)

Membership Application:

Membership Application

Membership requirements:

  • Attend 2 functions, one of which must be a member meeting.
  • Be a currently licensed driver with insurance.
  • Own, drive, or be an enthusiast of Mustangs or Ford-powered vehicles and have a desire to enjoy companionship with other Mustang and Ford enthusiasts!
  • Pay dues of $30 per household per year. New membership dues are pro-rated based on the month in which you join.
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