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Mailing address:
Pacific Cascade Mustang Club
P.O. Box 58582
Renton, WA 98058-1582

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Need to talk to someone in particular? Here are our current club contacts:

President:  Ken Martin
Vice President:  Karen Knight
Secretary:  Dawn Siciliano
Treasurer: Lori Bagley
Past President: OPEN
MCA Regional Representative:  Chris Johnson
Membership:  Linda Hallberg
Newsletter Editor:  Tiffany Dagan
Car Show Chair:  Dick Knight
2 Year Board Member:  Gary Dagan
1 Year Board Member: Larry Lee
Alternate Board Member:  Marsh Frillici
Alternate Board Member: Kristen Martin
Tours & Events:  Margaret Petersen
Tech Advisors:  Chris Johnson & Dick Knight
Website: Tiffany Dagan
Archivist:  Linda Hallberg
Club Store:  Laura Lievero
Bowen Scarff Ford Representative:  Mark Palmore

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