Pacific Cascade Mustang Club Donates $5,000 to Pediatric Interim Care Center

Thanks to the amazing success of our 2019 car show, Pacific Cascade Mustang Club was able to donate $5,000 to our club’s long-time beneficiary, Pediatric Interim Care Center. Located in Kent, Washington, Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC) is the only 24-hour care center serving drug-exposed infants throughout Washington State. More than 12,000 infants born in Washington State each year have been prenatally exposed to illicit drugs. Many of these little ones suffer serious effects and need the help that only PICC provides. Since its founding in 1990, PICC has given over 3,200 infants a safe and healthy start in life. For more info or to make a donation, call 253-852-5253 or visit

Following is an excerpt from club member Ken Martin about the visit to PICC to tour the facilities and give them our donation:

Pacific Cascade Mustang Club
Pediatric Interim Care Center
Mustang Club
Club members Willi King and Ken Martin present our check for $5,000 to Pediatric Interim Care Center’s Executive Director, Barbara Drennen.

PCMC Officers Willi King and Ken Martin made a visit to Pediatric Interim Care Center on November 12 to deliver the $5,000 donation check that had been approved by the membership at the November Club meeting. The donation was a portion of the profit from the 2019 All Ford Show and Mustang Roundup, given to support PICC’s services to infants born with drug addiction. When Barbara Drennen, Executive Director of PICC saw them, she exclaimed “Some of our best friends — the Mustang Club!” 

Barbara gave Willi and Ken a full tour of the three-year-old facility. Ken was impressed by how light and inviting it was – a perfect place to take care of fragile babies. They met the staff and nurses and could see the babies through the viewing windows in each room.  On that day there were probably six babies in residence, but the facility can take up to 19 at a time.

Babies are in care for 45 to 90 days. Washington State manages the home placements after a child is released from care. Half of the children are placed with either close or distant relatives and half are adopted outside of family connections. 

PICC celebrated its 29th Anniversary on October 29.  When the organization began, 80% of funding came from the state. Now less than 40% of their support comes from the state, even though the cost of caring for the babies has greatly increased. Barbara assured Willi that the Pacific Cascade Mustang Club donation and our continued support is greatly appreciated!


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